About Me

By day, I'm is a systems librarian at a community college in Bend, Oregon. By night, I'm a writer, flutist, and Korean drama enthusiast. I particularly like epic historical romances with gorgeous costumes, but I also enjoy a good modern rom-com with gorgeous costumes.

Mirror Pond in Bend, OR

Bend, OR: Where the cowboys and the hippies join hands in a common love of strenuous exercise. 1

After acquiring a master's degree, a cat, and a husband at Indiana University, I moved to Oregon to begin my career in academic libraries. The beauty and unique community of the Central Oregon area inspired me to write Lizzie Bennet's Diary.

Luna C.

Luna C.: Household Napping Champion.

I maintain a personal blog about writing at blog.tkmarnell.com.

Picture of Tamara Marnell

T. K. Marnell with tickets to the highbrow Oregon Symphony concert "Distant Worlds: Music from Final Fantasy"


  1. "Mirror Pond from The Emblem Club" by Spencer Dahl is licensed under CC-BY-SA.