About Me

Picture of Tamara Marnell

T. K. Marnell wearing a floppy hat.

By day, I'm the IT Manager for a consortium of academic libraries in the Pacific Northwest. By night, I'm a writer, flutist, and Korean drama enthusiast. I particularly like epic historical romances with gorgeous costumes, but I also enjoy a good modern rom-com with gorgeous costumes.

Mirror Pond in Bend, OR

Bend, OR: Where the cowboys and the hippies join hands in a common love of strenuous exercise. 1

After acquiring a master's degree, a cat, and a husband at Indiana University, I moved to Oregon to begin my career in librarianship. The beauty and unique community of the Central Oregon area inspired me to write Lizzie Bennet's Diary.

Luna C.

Luna C.: Household Napping Champion.

I maintain a personal blog about writing at blog.tkmarnell.com.


  1. "Mirror Pond from The Emblem Club" by Spencer Dahl is licensed under CC-BY-SA.